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There are questions that we get asked by many Bride and Grooms and although we are happy to explain these each time, it seemed worth putting them together in one place for those who stumble across this Blog page.

What's the difference between a Traditional Wedding Package and your Wedding Marryoke Package?
Traditional wedding videos are what most people will have seen. A wedding film of your day, set to music and audio recorded during the day too. Whilst some video may be referred to as Cinematic or Documentary, the style still fall under the 'Traditional Wedding Video' label.
A Marryoke is a more recent 'twist' that has become very popular. The Bride and Groom choose a pop song and on their wedding day, we arrive to film them and their guests all miming along to short lines from the song throughout the day. We then put the footage to the original song and add a sprinkle of video of the wedding too. The result is a pop-wedding music video.

Marryoke Wedding Videos are fun to make and watch. We have noted that it is only right for some weddings as the Bride, Groom and Guest have to all be keen to appear on camera miming and dancing!. A Marryoke requires ALL the guests to get in to the spirit of the video and have fun and if they do the result are brilliant (take a look at some of our previous Wedding Marryoke videos here)

Wedding Videos are too expensive!
We are pretty sure that the cost of a professional Photographer will be as much, if not more than our costs. If we were to compare the two, we have a greater amount of equipment to buy and upkeep and the editing of a wedding video takes quite a bit of time too.

There are always people who can do things cheaper and that is the same more most things. We believe our price reflects the quality of the product we create, so if you are paying less, we may not be talking apple with apples.

Why should we have a Wedding Video?
You will only get Married once, Just like getting photography as a memory of the day, a video is one too. Video captures much more that a photograph can; it conveys emotions, sound, the vows, the giggles and looks. Not having a Wedding Video is the Number One regret from couples asked after their Wedding Day- Here is a great article from The Knot on the subject. You should always have a record of the day. Whilst it is lovely to provide a Photobooth and an Ice Cream Cart at your wedding for the guests to enjoy, the memory of them will fade quickly - the memory of your wedding on video is a keepsake for ever! (A typical cost for these two items is similar to the cost of a wedding video package)

Yorkshire Wedding Video - Red Lime Harrogate

Are you Insured?
Yes, We have public liability Insurance. We can provide the details if you require - just ask.

Can I use Commercial music (pop songs) in my video?
You can have copyright music in a Wedding Video. We purchase a licence on your behalf that allows popular music to be used for the distribution of a limited quantity of USB's/DVD to you. Alternatively we can use Licensed Music (paid for music). Either way, its all included in our costs.

How long does it take to produce a Wedding Video?
We like to work quickly when it comes to editing. We do not feel it is good practice to have to wait a long time (months in some cases). We aim to have your Wedding Reel or Marryoke ready to view in about 7 days from your Wedding - perfect if you are heading away on Honeymoon, it will be ready for your return. Where you have chosen a package that means we have recorded your Wedding Ceremony, Speeches etc, the whole package will be ready with 2-3 weeks.

Do you Travel to film Weddings?
We travel within 100 miles/2 hour radius of Harrogate without any extra charge. For locations further afield travel and accommodation costs will be incurred, but we are very happy to travel.

How do I book Red Lime for my Wedding Video?
Booking is easy! Email us at: to check we are available for your Wedding Date. We will let you know and send you a replay very quickly. Then you just need to fill in the Booking From and make a payment to confirm the date in our Diary. Bookings are only confirmed when payment has been received.

Do you have examples of your previous Wedding video work?
You can find examples of our Wedding Videos on either YouTube or Vimeo. Click those link to take you to our pages.

I only want part of my wedding day filmed - can you do that?
If you only want us to film part of your Wedding Celebrations, we are happy to discuss this with you and provide you with a price reflective of the amount of time you want us. Similarly, If you wanted us for two or more days, that can be accommodated too.

Can I pay in installments?
Yes. After the Booking payment has been made you can pay whatever and whenever you want. All we ask is that the final payment is made no later then 7 days before the Wedding.

Can we meet you before the Wedding?
We always arrange to meet our Bride and Grooms before the Wedding. If you want to meet us before you Book us, that can be arranged, but in most cases we will arrange to meet you about a month before your Wedding. This is an ideal time to discuss timings of your day; as most things have been confirmed. If you have a photographer booked, we like to get their details so we can say 'hi' them. If your Ceremony is in a Church, we like to chat to the person who will be marrying you, so we can discuss any placement of cameras with them.

If you have any other questions, please just contact us. We love to chat and are very friendly.

January 2017
Written By: Carl Syres






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