What The Funk - Music Video

When you watch What The Funk live you quickly realise that they are not only very good musically, but also highly entertaining. I can now testify that they are equally entertaining when not performing, so making their latest music video a real pleasure us.

What The Funk (WTF) contacted Red Lime towards the end of 2016 to arrange a date to meet up and discuss their need for a music video. A date was set just into the New Year at a Restaurant where they proposed we film.

The meeting went well, with plenty of ideas being thrown back and forth as we enjoyed a really rather good quality coffee (I love decent coffee). The band had arranged for the restaurant to be the venue to film their video. It was a great choice; lovely bare brick, exposed pipes and reclaimed wood decor that lent itself well to their style. We were to have a closed set, after hours with as much time as required to film.

Filming was already set for two days away, not a problem, except that the collective discussions lead to the decision to mix together three or four tracks to showcase them best over using one track- but the track did not yet exist!

Again, for Red LIme, this is not a problem. My son (who often helps with filming for Red Lime) is also good at music production; he studied it. He set about carefully blending the music tracks to accomplish the desired result.

What The Funk, Music Video, Harrogate, Yorkshire

Filming Day
Once everyone's equipment was set up, I spoke to everyone about how I would approach filming the video and then we were off. Filming, as I have already intimated was a entertaining. Lots of jokes, laughter and fun filled the air both between and during takes. The band were receptive to direction and more ideas for shots were thrown into the mix as we went. I have no problem with incorporating ideas on the fly - that's a challenge I love to accept. Sometimes you can see how an idea might fit into the video, and other times you have no, you just have to film it and figure it out in the editing.

This was true of the shot where the band decided to swap instruments and places. What started as a joke idea and a giggle, soon became something to add in the the video; but how was I going to integrate this? Well it made the cut if for no other reason than I felt it shows how the band are - entertaining!

With a series of memory cards full of video, the shoot was wrapped up in a little over three hours. With so much great footage, photogenic people and superb location, the choice of shots during editing was easy. A large sprinkle of Red LIme creativity and it was done. The reception on seeing it the first time from the band was 'WOW, cannot stop watching it' A few small adjustments and we went live later that evening.

The band contacted me about two hours after the video was live.. they had already had two new enquiries!

So if you have a band and are looking to get more bookings - you need a Professional Music Video - get in touch!


Click here to watch the What the Funk - Music Video



January 2017
Written By: Carl Syres





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