Why you SHOULD consider having a Wedding Videographer

Wedding videos are the future of enjoying your Wedding Day and having a beautiful record of it for years to come. Many people will be familiar with those horribly long videos, shaky camera, poor lighting and no story-telling that were how a Wedding was captured in the 1980's and 1990's. Thankfully things have moved on in Wedding Video filming making, leading to emotive and elegant storytelling presented in incredible quality and detail.

These days, cameras are small, neat and very powerful. Capable of super high quality cinematic footage. Couple this with a skilled and creative wedding videographer and just like your wedding photos, the results are breathtaking.

But unlike a Wedding Photographer, Videography for Weddings is often overlooked. Deciding to hire the services of a Wedding Videographer does not appear on every Bride and Grooms list of things they need when they are planning the wedding - unlike having a Photographer. Aside from this re-education that needs to take place, couples sometimes put aside any proposed suggestion for choosing a wedding videographer for a number of reasons. Let me try explain why you should be getting Red Lime (or at least a professional wedding videographer) to film your Wedding Day.

No movement or sound in photographs
Photographs are awesome, vibrant and look great framed. Some photographers are highly creative and make your day look like it stepped off the pages of Vogue or any fashion magazine, The one thing, even a fantastic photographer cannot capture in a photograph is the sound and movement of the day. Those 'I do' words at the Alter, the giggles, laughter, speeches and interactions but mostly the emotion.

Great to share with family and friends who cannot make your Wedding Day
Video is great to share with your family and friends. You may have family and friends who cannot make your magical wedding day, Video puts them in the premium seat to enjoy watching how your Wedding Day unfolded. You can share it online easily - great for Facebook sharing, or simply sending them a link in a message... and we still do traditional copies on DVD to share too!

Wedding Videography - Harrogate, North Yorkshire

'I'll ask a friend to film it'
You may think that letting a family friend video the day is best because its cheaper. As a guest, their attention will be drawn between enjoying your wedding and remembering to film it, so they might not get the best shots or the important ones. They won't have arranged with the Vicar to be near the front at the Ceremony and often are not there when you are doing hair and make up - so they are potentially missing so much of your Wedding Day. Their sound recording might well be 'on-camera' and likely not to be clear. Unless your friend is a professional video editor, your wedding film may only be a selection of clips of the day struck together.

Professional Expertise
As a Professional Wedding Videographer, we film many, many weddings a year. This means we have a very good understanding of how the days events will unfold. We are there in professional capacity, so our focus is on being in position to capture the events and not miss any of them. Using professional equipment and editing software, coupled with our creative eye we can edit the footage filmed at your Wedding to tell your story.

It's not as expensive as you might think.
Many people think that having their Wedding Filmed is costly. We are only as expensive as a Photographer, which is pretty good value, considering we typically have a greater work load editing after the event. When you consider that if you chose to have a Photobooth and an Ice Cream Cart at your wedding, that is about the same cost as a Wedding Videographer - and how many times have you seen those at a recent wedding? That's not to say you should not have those items - you and your guests will love them, but what has a longer lasting memory for you and everyone? Will you tell your children how amazing your Photobooth and Ice Cream was at your Wedding?

Those special words at the Ceremony.
Even with our Marryoke packages we are more often than not, are asked to film the Wedding Ceremony and Speeches in Full - there has to be a reason why Brides and Grooms want to re-live these part of the day. It may be that it goes so quickly and the memory is blur,.It could be that those moments saying the vows are what the day is all about. One thing for sure, you will want to hear and watch them. We carefully plan to ensure we have the best seat in the house to see your faces and record those words - clearly!

The biggest regret
Remarkably, not having their Wedding filmed is the number one regret of Brides and Grooms when asked after their wedding what they wished they had done different. These statistics are available online and stand as a testament to why you should not make the same mistake. Your Wedding Day will only happen once.

My Photographer will take some video
Whilst video and photography use the same or very similar equipment and skills, juggling the two is destined to produce poor results. The photographer is there to photograph your Wedding and that is his or her primary task. Making the setting changes to record video, means they are not taking photos. They physically cannot record video and take photos at the same time. You cannot go for a re-take or rewind to capture the events again for video after the photos have been taken, so there WILL be lots of things they will not capture.

Photographers at best may catch a few clips, but they are very unlikely to be the key parts of your day. They typically won't have the correct software to edit the footage, so what you get will not be the same. Unless the photographer has an assistant who is skilled and experienced in filming, whatever you get may only equate to the amount of money you have paid for it.

This business model first appeared a few years ago. The idea is you pay a fee to hire a number of video cameras. You get your guests to film the day then return the cameras to the company for them to edit your Wedding Film. The idea sounds great, but what are the pit-falls?

Your guests are not professionals, so the quality (regardless of the quality of cameras) will no-doubt be quite erratic and shaky. The audio will not be crystal clear. You are unlikely to have footage of Bridal preparations and perhaps only brief clips of things like the Ceremony. Even if someone does film some of the Ceremony, will they be from a great angle and capture the key moments? Finally there is a HEAVY penalty for damaged cameras. Your guests will be having a great time on your Wedding Day, drinks will flow and accidents can happen. With a Professional videographer filming your Wedding, we are Insured not only for our own equipment but Public Liability too.


At the end of it all, you get what you pay. Your Wedding budget is not infinite, so you have to make decisions that feel right for you. We would love you to choose decide to have your wedding filmed, especially if you chose Red Lime to do it. If you have any questions regarding our services, please email or call. We promise to give you the best advice we can and defiantly will not give pressure you or hassle you to make any decisions.

Your Wedding won't happen again, so make it the best and happiest day of your lives!

December 2016
Written By: Carl Syres






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