We get asked a lot of questions during the wedding video booking process, so to help you out, here are some of the most regularly asked.

How early should I hire my wedding videographer?
We book up to 15 weddings per year. Dates in Summer (May-August) book the fastest. Most couples book us 12-18 months in advance to ensure we are available, but it is always worth asking, even if its a very last minute decision. We have been asked and booked a wedding with less than 36 hours notice!

How many videographers will be present at my wedding?
We always film with two videographers. This allows us good coverage of your day and to provide multi-angle coverage of things like your Ceremony and Speeches.

How long will it take to receive my finished wedding film?
By booking just a small number of weddings per year, we can ensure that your wedding film/s are given our complete attention. We start editing the footage within just a couple of days of filming, whilst it's still fresh in our minds. We then aim to complete our Featurette wedding films (8-10 minute) within the week following your wedding. The Wedding Feature (30-45 minutes) typically takes 10-14 days. Because the Feature Film takes a little longer to edit, you also receive a Teaser video of 1-2 minutes duration, just a couple of days following your Wedding. With either package, we aim to ship your finished package within three weeks following your wedding.

Do you have Insurance?
Yes! Creating Wedding films and Commercial filming too, means we must have Public Liability Insurance. A link to the document is on our contact page.

Can we meet and talk about my ideas for my wedding film or before we book you?
Absolutely! We want to meet with you and get to know you! Our favourite thing is to chat over a really good coffee! It helps us, and even makes our job easier when we can sit down and get to know our couples and really listen to their story. If you have any ideas, we are happy to hear them. It’s our job to tell the story, so the more we can learn about you, the better. We always arrange to meet our couples one month before the wedding. This gives us a chance to discuss timings for your day and any other information that will be useful.

How long have you been filming weddings?
Red Lime started in 2014. I studied graphic design and photography after leaving school. A career as a designer now for over 30 years provides a wealth of skill. My photography skills have been applied to working situations countless times and since the early 2000's filming too. In late 2013, circumstances provided an opportunity to branch out alone and so Red Lime was born.

How would you describe your style — more documentary, cinematic or a mix of both?
Our wedding video style is perhaps more cinematic than anything else. We look to create beautiful and creative shots. A careful eye for framing and light can make you look your best and show of your day to its absolute best. We then weave in audio from Readings, Speeches and the Ceremony to tell your unique story. The inclusion of other sounds (birds, water, noise of chattering people) is also important - this helps to place you in the scene - much like a film does. We do not always build the story in its chronological order, but generally there is a fair amount that is.

What input do you want from us and what do you prefer final say on?
What we do is artistic and unique to each couple. When we communicate and chat with you, the aim is to understand your style, tastes and learn about the things that have specific need to be included in your finished film. We ask for the creative freedom to film and edit your film how we feel it should be, whilst considering your input also. Your day will have many, many moments that will be unplanned and unrepeatable. If you provide us with a long list of things you want us to capture, this would reduce the opportunities to be responsive to how things unfold. We do want to know anything out of the ordinary that you want capturing (a surprise one of you may have planned, a distant relative, decor or items that hold significant importance - you get the idea!)

Do we get to choose the music?
One of the things we discuss when we meet you are your music tastes. Whilst the final decision on the music will be with ourselves, we do like to understand what your tastes are. Using this we ensure we use music that you will like. Your finished video; like any movie will build and fall to match the story. By selecting music that marries with the visuals produces a much more enjoyable, professional and complete finished film - not something that can be achived by using a pop song. The music is also licensed especially for your video, meaning we have procured the Rights for each track used in your wedding video. This means it is legal to use both on hard media as well as online. Whilst we can purchase a license for any pop song to supply you a limited number of DVD copies of a wedding video, this does not extend to online use, so sharing a wedding video with pop songs is not Legal.

What does your camera and equipment look like?
We shoot with Sony cameras. They are small, professional models. They are prefect for our needs over large bulky systems. We film most of your day in 4K as this gives us editing advantages when we deliver in 1080 HD. They are incredible in low light; churches and darkened rooms - in fact they are considered the best in class at this. We capture audio a number of ways. We use small recording devices with lavalier (Lav) microphones (like you see on TV) as well as very, very small clip on recorders too. We pop a Lav mic on the Groom for your Ceremony as this enables us to capture the Bride and the person performing the Ceremonys voice too. In a church an audio device on the Reading stand works along with additional wide area audio recording devices hidden in apprpriate locations. For outside and Civil ceremonies, we pop the smallest devices on the person/s doing the Readings. The Groom, Father of the Bride and Best Man are provided with Lav mics for the Speeches and any ladies, given the very smallest audio recorder - as these are light and discreet with no wires. Occasionally we may connect to in-house audio systems or attatch a recorder to a microphone if we feel it's the best solution.

What if we want changes to our wedding film?
This is always a sticky subject. At the end of the day we want you to be happy. Filming and editing, like any creative process is subjective, meaning one person's likes, may not be another's. We have a very high success rate with our couples loving their video first time... in fact, there has probably only been a couple of occasions where a change has been requested. Where these are a simple request, like "can you remove a person" or "can you add more clips of a specific person", this is usually easily achieved. If you did not like one of the music choices, we can change this too. Whilst it is a little harder as the music and visuals are timed to each other, we can look to find an alternative with a similar tempo and duration. We are happy to make one round of changes like those mentioned above without charge. If you require longer, more complex or sweeping changes, then we would have to consult with you about the costs to make them.

Can we have or purchase the Raw footage?
We do not supply in any way the Raw footage. When you book us to film your wedding, you are purchasing a finished product; one or more weddng films. The footage we take to achieve your finished videos comprise of lots of clips, some may be long, but most are only a few seconds long. When we shoot each clip, the initial part when we are recording we are adjusting focus, exposure and framing before we have everything in place to then have the final few seconds we may use. There are many clips we do not use - much like your photographer will have lots of photos they do not send you. Additionally a large part of the day is filmed in 4K. We shoot all footage in a 'flat' profile. This means the footage is quite grey until processed. So you can imagine that the result of filming a wedding amounts to 300Gb-500Gb of video in hundreds of clips and several separate audio files. Watching them on your computer (if it is able to playback these type of files), would not be an enjoyable experience.
Asking for the Raw footage is like asking your photographer for every photo they took, regardless of it it were out of focus, unprocessed, people blinking or blurry. When you go to the cimema you pay to watch the finished film and whilst you may occasonally get a few outtakes, you will not get to see all the unprocessed clips that never made the final film; not even on the DVD or BluRay.

What else should I know about wedding videography?
Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. There are cheaper wedding videographers, they may do the job part-time and so charge much less or have another way to keep their costs low. Your wedding happens only once, there are no re-runs. If someone is charging much less, then you have to ask why, what is missing? Take a look at their videos and see if what they produce is to your taste? Is it filmed well? Over or underexposed shots, shaky camera movements? How fast will they deliver, is their displayed prices for a small film and the rest a series of add-ons leading to a much higher price? Do not be tempted into using a Go Pro or a family member who happens to have a camera as your best option. When you choose a professional, you an paying for someone to be there for 8, 10, 12 hours, everywhere and especially the key parts of the day. Will your 'uncle with a camera' be there for Bride and Groom prep? Will they want to enjoy the day as they should, rather than be filming all the important memories for you?
Finally, choose a companies the specialises in each area of your day. You would not expect the Caterers to make your wedding cake, whilst it is still food preparation, making a cake is a different skill - the same applies to video, a photographer offering video, whilst appearing similar, is a whole new set of skills that we rarely see as achiving the best results and a reason why we don't do wedding photography!

Red Lime is a small family business based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire providing high quality video for weddings, music video and commercial video. We also provide photography for events.

With over 30 years in the design industry; a critical eye for detail, light, balance, composition and colour is what makes our work stand out. But do not just take our word for it, look at our previous work either on this website or on our YouTube and Vimeo pages and let them do all the talking about how creative we are.

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