Interview Video Filming, York

Interview Video Filming at York University

Late Friday afternoon and a call comes. The caller had only held her new job for about one week and had been tasked with finding someone to film an Interview video to be filmed in the middle of the following week. She told me that I had been recommended by another business associate we had done work for.

A short time after the call an email with the full brief arrived and I responded with a few questions and reassurance that the timeline was good. Despite the fact that the caller was not going to be contactable on the following Monday, her colleague called first thing and supplied all the answers needed and confirmed the quote was good.

I am very comfortable working with tight deadlines - its been a part of my working life since I first started to work. As a designer, I'd frequently get calls at the eleventh hour with a something that needs more time than that available. Deadlines help to focus the mind and make you be more decisive.

I am very comfortable working with tight deadlines - its been a part of my working life since I first started as a Graphic Designer from School.

Filming the Interview
The filming location was at York University. The interviewer was the chap I spoke to on the Monday morning - Derek Williams - Standards and Quality Director of OAL and was really easy to work with - they all were.

I decided to shoot the interview in two parts. This gave me control over a number of factors, and also meant I did not need bring everything to set up for two persons.

The Interviewee arrived just after I had set everything up and was ready to go. A few ice breaking and relaxing pleasantries I provided a few basic instructions on what to do or not do when filming. Fit the microphone neat and out of sight and set the recording levels and we were ready to go.

The Video ran to about 17 minutes. Its use was initially to be use at The NSAFD and OAL Conference 2017. I shot the video in 4k, and whilst this might seem overkill for the final 1080 output, it actually gives you 'options' in the edit to crop or frame as you need.

Once the questions and answers were complete and the footage of the interviewee were captured, he was off on his busy schedule and all that remained was to film the questions and introduction.

With a quick shift of the lighting, chair and setting the new audio levels, we were ready to film the interviewer. I sat in the chair to 'receive the questions' - this allows the eye line to be accurate.

Editing and one small editorial change were made and the video and it was supplied ready to be aired at the Conference a week later.

So if you are in the Harrogate, York or even the Yorkshire area and need a Company Video, Interview or talking to camera (talking head video), then give us a call or email, we would love to help.

Posted: March 2017