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Not just Yorkshire Wedding Videos - A beautiful Cotswold Wedding

A beautiful, frosty and foggy wedding video at Caswell House
On the whole, the majority of our wedding videos are at locations in the Yorkshire area; largely North Yorkshire. A few times a year, we do find ourselves up in Northumbeland. The landscape, people and venues are familier to us, and 'God's own County' is our home. Occasionally we get asked to film a wedding video a little further afield - like Lancashire :) and sometimes much further.

Early December 2023 saw us drive to the Cotswolds - a little over 4 hours drive, to film Becky and Ben's wedding video at Caswell House. Becky and Ben said they had a local photographer booked, but we were their preferred wedding videographers and hoped we would be available and happy to make the long drive and a whole weekend booking. Ben had been the Best Man at a wedding we had filmed at The Orangery, Settrington, North Yorkshire in 2021. He had seen how we worked on the day and most of all loved our style and approach in the finished wedding videos. Ben had also asked AJ to be his Best Man in return, so it was great to catch up and see how he was finding Married life.

It was a easy YES. The Cotswolds are beautiful - even in Winter. We travelled down the day before and were staying over after the wedding also. The morning of the wedding we woke to thick fog, frost and it was very cold. The cold made holding the metal bodied cameras and equipment quite painful on occasion, steamed lenses and glasses as we moved from outside into a warm building, but WOW, what amazing vistas the fog and frost gave us in return.

Caswell House Wedding Video

No Drone flying today!
Caswell House is located close to Brize Norton - RAF base. As we had planned to try and use our drone for some footage, we had already had a few phone calls with the Airfiled to establish if we could fly and under what conditions. We had a very high chance to fly on the day of the wedding as there was no planned flights, but needed final clearance on the morning. Sadly, the low and dence fog meant it would have been unwise to fly. Drones are a nice extra we include at no additional cost, but much like alot what we do, we try not to use and repeat the same things over and over in every wedding video. Keeping our wedding videos varied, interesting and relevant is important to us. Reacting to the day, location and people to best decide what are the key standout out parts we want to focus a little more on. We are also very confident in shooting ground based 'scene setting' footage without having to feel we need to fall back onto our Drone.

A nice problem to have - far too much great footage.

Everthing on the day was at Caswell House from start to finish. The grounds offered some beautiful backdrops for scene setting, groups photos and couples time both inside and out. The day ran super smooth with no delays at all - quite a rare thing as most weddings have some slip in time for one reason or another.

The guests were a dream, very happy to not only be filmed, but activley providing some fun, amusing and entertaining footage - some of which ended up on an 'outtakes reel' we decided to give the couple. This is not a normal thing but was just one example of the levity of the day and a little extra step we take for our couples.

Becky and Ben are an incredibly photogenic couple. Couple that with a stunning location, great guests and awesome speeches, the result was an abundence of footage. Whilst more footage is better, the other aspect is how do you choose what to include and exclude with so many parts you REALLY WANT TO KEEP. Many, many editing revisions were needed to edit it down to close to the runtime it needed to be.

Onwads to 2024
Our 2024 season is looking good. A perfect balance of bookings spread across the whole year at some old and some new venues - so onwards to a brilliant and bright 2024 wedding season - we hope to see you soon.

Posted: January 2024