The COST of a Yorkshire Wedding Video

The Average Cost of a Wedding Videographer

From time-to-time we get asked whether a wedding videographer is necessary and our answer is always, yes, absolutely!

That does not mean you should forgo photography, get both. There are some who say that wedding photography is of more importance, but I disagree. Think of it this way; when you go home after a day at work, do you sit and look at the pictures on your wall or do you watch a film or tv? We find moving imagery far more compelling. It tells a story, can better place you in a moment, than a photo can.

A wedding videographer will capture all of the candid moments (like emotions and facial expressions), include epic sound bites (like speeches and vows), and all of the other things that your photographer simply can't capture. Think of your wedding video not only as a supplement to your wedding photos, but as a unique keepsake you will be able to watch for years to come - on your yearly anniversaries perhaps, or to show your children!

When you go home after a day at work, do you sit and look at the pictures on your wall or do you watch a film or television?

We all carry Smartphones these day and they certainly do come out in force at a wedding. I have heard some couples say that they will simply get all the clips from family and friends together to make their wedding video. Well, I suppose at no cost it is something to remember the day by. It does make me wonder if that idea really does happen in reality. I envisage a portrait shaped video, probably fifteen clips of the same parts of the day; walking down the aisle, the kiss, the first dance, cake cutting.

As a professional wedding film maker we are not juggling trying to enjoy the day as guests and film too, we have one main focus. We are also there at key moments that most guests are not; bride and groom prep is great example.

You should factor in the cost of a wedding videographer to craft your wedding film. In most cases you will be looking at a price similar to that of a photographer. Sure there are cheap wedding videographers, like there are cheap photographers, but you do get what you pay for to a large degree. That's where doing your research really matters. Look around, compare prices and packages and watch their wedding films - not just one!

According to the 2019 Bridebook Wedding Report which is the biggest UK based report, the average spend in 2018 on a wedding videographer was £1140. This is just a little less than on a photographer at £1264. It is also interesting to note that the number of couples having a professional wedding film is increasing year on year - up 6% from 2017.

This is just an average. There are plenty of companies both cheaper and more costly. Weddings are a costly thing. It can be difficult to know where to spend your money, but it is 'The' biggest day of your life and we think preserving those valuable memories of it are really important.

Posted: March 2019