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Wedding Video - investing in memories

Coming from someone who has a vested interest in creating lasting memories, it could be seen as I have my Sales Persons hat on, but honestly that's not my intention.

If you are in the process of planning your Wedding, then you REALLY MUST read this short article in full. You see, having filmed my fair share of weddings, I have some experience, sure those experiences are the ones who did actually book us as their wedding videographer, but I also get enquiries and speak to many couples on the verge of planning, that may have not considered 'the memories' side of why you need a wedding videographer and to at least consider the idea of booking one.

After your Wedding is over, the cake has been eaten and the Topper put away, your amazing Honeymoon is a dwindling memory - how will you remember your day?

There is a fact that can be found both in Wedding Magazines and online too - 'The No.1 regret from newly married couples after their wedding was NOT Booking a Videographer'.

Why does this happen?
There are perhaps a few reasons: they thought they only wanted photographs, they had spent the money elsewhere on the day, never thought about it, videos are expensive, or did not see the value in it.

You have a photographer, so you have pictures - great, but they are only single images - there is no audio or movement. The sound of you saying 'I do', laughing, and all the emotion only video can capture.

Wedding Videos are Expensive?
Not really. Typically we cost about the same as a photographer (or less). Just as you did with a photographer - look around, check out their other wedding videos and compare prices. Book your Wedding Video with a company or person who's work you love, just like you did with the Photographer. Don't settle for a company that provides both (at a cost saving) unless you have seen plenty of samples from several weddings to ensure they are equally as good at BOTH!
Put another way, most companies stick to a core strength as diversification usually results in a decline in quality - a wedding venue will make the venue look amazing, but would be unlikely to also make amazing wedding cakes - but of course if they did, you would want to see plenty of examples and taste them before too!

You have used up your budget on Photobooths, Magicians and an Ice Cream Cart!
These things are great fun and your guests will love them, but what about you? Will they provide lasting memories of your wedding?

I don't know if I want more people with cameras around
The presence of a videographer is perhaps (speaking from ourselves at least), slightly less obtrusive than the photographer. Our approach is to film what we observe as seen through our creative eyes. We capture from a distance so your guests are fully relaxed and natural. Whilst your photographer will need to Direct some shots, the only time we may provide some interaction to achieve what we need, is the Bride and Groom ones, but we generally let the photographer take the lead there too.

So what is the value of having a wedding video?
We cost about the same or maybe less than your photographer. We are unobtrusive on the day and we provide great memories that you will enjoy for many, many years to come. Hearing your say your Vows, your parents and family delivering Readings and Speeches, all the sounds of your day captured. Loved ones recorded to create lasting memories of the best day of your lives.

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Posted: January 2018