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Harrogate's leading wedding video maker - Guide for Brides and Grooms

There are a few questions we get asked frequently by Bride and Grooms at some point in the Booking process. I thought I would take this opportunity to see if I could cover some of them for those that stumble across this page.

What sets Red Lime apart from other Wedding Videographers?
Firstly, if you have not already watched a few of our recent Wedding Films, then do so now. (Red Lime Wedding Videography) Of course its not just the finished product that matters, getting to your finished video is also about how we work with you and your guests on the day.

Filming is what we do - its not a 'weekend job' or 'another thing we can do'. That means we know what we are doing, are practiced, proficient, professional, courteous and approachable in how we work.

Our style is to capture your day authentically and unobtrusively. Whilst some videographer's may bring a whole boot-load of drones, stabilizers, large cameras and other cumbersome equipment to get you 'some great cinematic shots', often they use them to mask their lack of understanding the basics of cinematography; composition, framing and storytelling. For us, small and light is the order of the day; this is ideal for you too as we don't get in the way of your guests and can react quickly to un-repeatable moments throughout the day.

Editing too is what sets us apart from most. We DON'T just stick your footage on top of music like some kind of 1920's music hall film! Great shots, that have been correctly exposed, carefully composed and super sharp, are woven together with crisp audio captured on your day and music to create your magical wedding video story. We start editing your wedding video in the days after your wedding; that way its still fresh in our minds. Delivery too is quick,. by locking ourselves away and focusing only on your videos, we deliver within two or three weeks, just as its starting to fade a little from your memory.

How long do you stay on the day?
For a typical wedding, we would arrive for Bridal preparation and stay to shortly after the First Dance. This means we capture Hair and Makeup, visit the Groom and Best Man, the ceremony, your guests mingling and chatting, the speeches, cake cutting, first dance and little bit of your evening dance and partying.

Filming is what we do - its not a 'weekend job' or 'another thing we can do'. That means we know what we are doing, are practiced, proficient, professional, courteous and approachable in how we work.

What equipment do you use?
Year on year technology gets better and better and smaller and smaller. Currently our cameras are slightly smaller than the one your photographer will use. We film quite a lot in 4K too, this means we can reduce it to HD and get ever crisper footage. We use tripods to film the Ceremony and Speeches (whilst most people are seated), but the remainder is often hand held; this makes it easy to move around your Guests and not be a hazard either. Using small and light cameras means we can quickly capture unique little moments that cannot be repeated. We can move in and around your guests to really get a feel for the moment.

Don't be misguided into thinking that big cameras and equipment makes a better video - they don't, the creativity of the videographer is what counts.

How long before we get our Wedding Video?
One of things we take pride in is fast delivery. Whilst some wedding videographer's may take months to deliver your final videos, we deliver in two to three weeks maximum. We archive this by working hard. We only take a select number of Wedding Bookings a year - just enough to ensure we provide the best service we can. After your Wedding, we lock ourselves away and work long, hard and focused, By completing your Wedding before the next, means its all fresh in our minds and deliver it whilst its still fresh in yours.

How long have you been filming weddings?
Red Lime entered its fourth year in April 2017. I started my career by studying Graphic Design and Photography when I left school. Many years doing Graphics, then Web development, afforded me a career of creativity. Many times along the way I called upon my photography abilities professionally and since 2003 I started to include video filming into my skillset. Circumstances meant I had an opportunity to define my own destiny in late 2013 and ceased the chance to start my own business using all the skills from 30 years in the creative industry.

I feel that if you truly understand colour, composition and creativity it can be transposed to any media - I have a long career to prove it.

We have a specific requirement - can you accommodate?
Yes, It could be that you are planning Fireworks, want Guest Messages, or a Special Event is planned for your big day - whatever it is, we will be happy to help ensure its captured in your Wedding Video.

Can we meet before Booking?
Yes, We always arrange to meet our couples about one month before the wedding to finalise timings, but we are also happy to meet and chat over a coffee before you decide to book Red Lime. We can also Skype or Facetime if you prefer.

Do you have a Drone / Quadcopter
Yes, but for personal use only. Whilst I absolutely love drone footage, for me it is not something I feel is appropriate for most wedding. To operate one at a Wedding requires the operator to be CAA Certified and this licence must we kept current. You need Insurance in case of accident or Injury - Sadly it seems many of those who use a Drone at a wedding are not qualified or Insured for this particular activity. Your venue or location must allow flying and not be in restricted airspace. If these factors are not enough to consider, then wind and rain are others too. I would hate to disappoint a client by promising drone footage and being unable for whatever reason at the last minute - a disappointed Bride and Groom?

As I said earlier, drones create some spectacular shots, used sparingly the shots are amazing. They are handy for setting a location scene, but can also be employed by Videographer's to 'wow you and hide any real skill. The time it takes to get one scene setting shot, can be 30-45 minutes away from the Bride and Groom, so unless its filmed when there is absolutely nothing else happening, I believe time spent with you and your guests is better than that one shot.

How long do you keep the footage?
We take storage seriously. When we return home from a Wedding all the footage is backed up to two independent drives and a separate 'working' copy is created - all before we go to bed. We guarantee to kept your footage for 12 months from your wedding date. We don't plan to delete or write over old weddings, as storage costs are not a concern, so we currently have copies of all our past weddings safely stored. This means you can have additional copies of DVDs or video if you need them.

What do you wear?
Whilst this might sound like an odd question, it has been asked and so worth covering. Our regular attire is casual smart. We have a long day of filming ahead and to capture great shots may mean we need to get onto the floor, climb a wall, goodness knows what, so clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in are important. That said, We are happy to be guided by your requests, so suits, ties or colour coordination have been requested before and can be accommodated.

Do you do Wedding Photography?
In a word, No. Whilst I will take on Event photography, when it comes to Weddings, my passion and skill excels when capturing it as a movie. I have however worked with some absolutely AMAZING Wedding photographers and there are a few who I would definitely recommend. Like any person who is great at their job, they get booked well in advance, but if you want something that is a truly skilled wedding photographer who does it as their full time job, I am happy to provide details.

Some companies offer both wedding Video and Photography and even Photo Booths, mirrors etc!. Whilst these often provide a reduced cost for booking both services you may find that many of those companies are built on the photographer, and have added video as a 'bolt-on' service. Our feeling is that you should book people for their individual skill and ability. You would not expect the dress maker to supply the suits, the caterers to supply the cake, as everyone focuses on their individual strengths. That is why we only focus on filming wedding videos, not photography, photo booth etc. But don't take our word - compare the finished products and decide.

You should ALWAYS check the videographer and photographers past, recent work in depth before you decide.

Posted: August 2017