We collect some information during your communications with Red Lime

This information includes:

Names, addresses and emails of the person or persons contacting us.
Names, addresses, email and telephone numbers of those booking our services.
Names of some persons at your event whom are named by you as key to your booking event (such as names of Best Man, Father of the Bride etc).
Details are taken when we meet for a pre-wedding meeting or video call that enable us to perform our services for you.

Communications through Facebook, Instagram and other online/social media facilities that we use in promoting our services that have a facility to enable direct contact to us are stored within the those social media accounts.
Emails are stored locally within our email Application and on the email providers servers. Our Email providers are: Fasthosts and Google.

Website Cookies and other technologies

We may use website cookies, scripts, Google pixels and other forms of technology on our websites and social media accounts to assist in marketing.
Some of these methods may capture, store or transmit data to us about you, such as web browser type, IP address, time, date and data relating to any adverts
and websites you may have clicked upon during a browsing session.

We may use cookies for two main purposes:
To gather analytics about users activities, enable us to refine our content, visitor retention and improve our search engine rankings.

Cookies for advertising enable us to target any advertising to those whom have been identified as having and interest in the type of services we offer. For example this may be target advertising to a couple whom have recently become engaged.

Cookies stored on your device/s can be deleted by you. Refer to the device or browsers help and guides for how to perform the clearing or Cookies. You can also disable the storing of Cookies on some devices/browsers. Please note the disabling or deleting Cookies can have an affect on your browsing experience to some degree.

Why do we collect this information?

The information we collect is solely for the purposes of providing you our services, handling your enquiry, to assist us in the booking process and event services.

We are required by Law to hold some Data, particularly in relation to Booking our services.

How do we use the information

We use the data to communicate with you either during an enquiry, booking or performing our services as contracted by you.

Where you have specifically given us confirmation to post your work online, we may use some or all of this to further promote our services through online social media platforms, websites and marketing materials (leaflets, flyers, etc). This may be in the form of video or still images. If at any point in time you wish to no longer have your likeness appear online, you can request its removal, by contacting us either by written letter or email. Details for contacting us, are at the bottom of this page..

Your data and Thirds Parties

We take your Privacy very seriously, as such we do not and will not sell or give away your data to third parties or other organisations. There are a few occasions that some part of your data is shared with others and these are as detailed here: Your Christian names when appearing as part of the title, description or in connection with a video posted online. On the outside of parcels, letters and packages when we post items to you. Where we are Legally required to supply the information, such but not exclusively: Law Enforcement.

Our website

This website is hosted by Fasthosts within a UK data centre. The emails that you may contact us via pass through Fasthosts servers. If you have any questions about how this may affect your data, they can be contacted using the link below.

Full details of Fasthosts data centre can be found here. www.fasthosts.co.uk

How long do we store data about you?

We store the information we have indefinitely. This allows us to provide the services we provide to the best of our abilities. Furthermore, some data is required to be held for Legal purposes for a number of years.

If you have any questions about your data that is used by Red Lime, please get in contact via one of the methods below

Our details

The data controller of this website is: Red Lime.

84 St Johns Road
North Yorkshire

Mr. Carl Syres (Owner)
Red Lime
Telephone: 07717 500 678
Email: hello@red-lime.co.uk