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Yes, we have Public Liability Insurance. There is a link to a PDF of our Policy on the enquiry page.

Yes, we have a drone to film footage for weddings. Its use is dependant on suitable flying weather and if flying a Drone is allowed at the venue.
Some locations that are close to airports or other no-fly zones means we would not be able to fly. Additionally some venues do no allow their use or flight.
We are Insured to fly and are CAA Registered.

Our Packages cover from Bride/Groom preparations, through to your First Dance. We normally stay for about 30-45 minutes after your First Dance to capture your guests dancing and enjoying the evening. We can stay later if there is something you wish us to cover - just ask us.

We believe dressing smart is respectful to the occasion, but this also helps us capture you and your guests naturally since we will blend in. Shirt, smart trousers, waistcoats are our normal attire. If you have a specific dress code, just let us know.

We are a Husband and Wife team, so two will be in attendance. This gives us good coverage of your day, and helpful for multi-angle filming during your Ceremony and Speeches.

We speak to our couples before their wedding to find out their music tastes. Whilst the final decision is made during the editing process, it's the conversations with our couples that help guide us to make choices that they will love. Over the years of editing wedding films, we have perhaps only had two occasions where we were asked to change the music we selected. We choose our music from a Licenced music library - we cannot use Commercial music.

We never raise this question, but if you were to ask, the answer is YES! A wedding is a long day, for us it means we will be working 10 hours or more - plus travel too. There is a natural time when you and your guests are eating that a Vendor meal can be provided - and this helps to fuel us through to the end of filming. We have no dietry requirements, we are just happy to be considered.

A booking Fee is required along with your Booking Form to hold your date. The remainder is due no later than seven days before your wedding. We accept payment by Bank Transfer.

Yes, reading letters you have written to each other and read on your wedding morning are great. They provide a narrative audio track over the film that works very well - and quite often highly emotional too. In order to make this work, we only need a quiet space and about 10 minutes each of your time, so it can be worked into the preparation schedule really easily.

Couples book us based on watching our past wedding films and hopefully trust our skill. There have been the occasional request to make changes; typically it will be to add or replace just a few clips and this is very easy. So one round of small changes is perfectly acceptable.

We book a small number of weddings per year and where possible try not to book them too close together. By carefully planning around other filming work, we ensure that the week after most weddings is free to edit your wedding. This means that we can deliver wedding Teasers within two days, our Featurettes inside the week and our Feature films in about seven to tens days after a wedding in most cases. It's all about planning locking ourselves in a dark room!

Yes. Adding our Extras is something that many couples do after their wedding. Changes to the main Film type (Highlights, Featurette, Feature) can be made also, but this must be requested BEFORE we begin the editing process, otherwise such a change will incur more cost than paying the difference in the package costs.

Raw is a term that refers to the footage that is taken straight from the camera. It has less contrast and colour than the final footage you will see on your wedding video. It contains the on-camera Audio and as it is unedited, will have the 'IN' and 'OUT' aspects of footage such as framing and focusing that we are making as the shot is set-up.
By contrast, when we take the clips for your film, we select the part we will use from a clip, cut away what we don't need (the INs and OUTs). We may need to stabilise or slow the clips down, we will correct and adjust the colour and contrast and we will frame the clip to suit. Individual clips can range from a few seconds to many seconds long and some, like the Ceremony and Speeches will be minutes long per clip.
Where there is spoken words in your wedding film; like the Speeches and Ceremony, that audio is captured using separate microphones. We replace the 'on camera' audio with this high quality audio in the finished film.
So the Raw footage is exacply that, raw and unedited, the origin for us to make your wedding film. Many people like to have the Raw footage as it contains everything we filmed. It has on-camera audio so you can hear the sounds and voices too. The Raw footage we supply is saved into folders denoting different parts of your day. This makes it easier to navigate through your clips. The clips will be in 4k. At a typical wedding we shoot 300-500 clips.

Red Lime is a small family business based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire providing high quality video for weddings, music video and commercial video. We also provide photography for events.

With over 30 years in the design industry; a critical eye for detail, light, balance, composition and colour is what makes our work stand out. But do not just take our word for it, look at our previous work either on this website or on our YouTube and Vimeo pages and let them do all the talking about how creative we are.

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